Pin it! Places to visit in Phuket, Hong Kong to Phuket let me tell you! It’s cool like this Who is planning a trip to Phuket now? Whether it’s a cafe, a chill-out restaurant, a walk around the old town, a walkable market, or throwing yourself in the sea. Both white sand beaches, clear sea water, bright sunlight going to see the romantic sunset We will take you to check in, a cool photo spot that meets every lifestyle of everyone. At this time, you will definitely get photos for the whole year.

Laem Phromthep and view point

Promthep Cape, one of Phuket’s most photographed destinations for tourists. It is a beautiful view point and sunset. Located at the southern tip of Phuket Island. The villagers call it “Laem Chao”. Which will see Koh Kaew Phitsadan in the front There is also “Golden Jubilee Lighthouse Promthep Cape” was built on the occasion of His Majesty King Rama IX’s 50th anniversary of accession to the throne. The light from the lighthouse can be seen as far as 39 kilometers. lighthouse standard time keeping Calculate and display sunrise and sunset times. At the top of the lighthouse is a viewpoint that stretches as far as the eye can see.

Old Phuket Town

One of the most popular activities when coming to Phuket is Walking around Phuket Old Town filled with historical stories In the past, people of many races and religions such as Chinese, Indians, Europeans, Muslims, etc. came to live and trade. And a house was built in the style of a townhouse called Sino-Portuguese, which was located on both sides of the road. Some buildings are now preserved as museums, such as the Phuket Thai Hua Museum. Peranakannitat Museum Some buildings have been renovated into restaurants, chic coffee shops, accommodation.
Visitors can walk and watch the way of life of the people. Baba Nyonya dressing culture Try to taste the unique local food. Stop by to take photos with more than twenty street art and every Sunday there will be a market called “Lard Yai” for tourists to come and eat local food as well.

Racha Island and Maiton Island

Racha Island is in the southern part of Phuket Island and consists of 2 islands, Racha Noi Island and Racha Yai Island. Racha Yai Island has white sandy beaches and crystal clear waters, making it known among tourists as a paradise for tourists. Especially those who are passionate about diving. It also has complete facilities. Suitable for overnight in nature Koh Racha Noi It is a popular scuba diving site for divers. Diving at this island Suitable for professional divers only. and have the opportunity to meet manta rays Or a great white shark as well

Wat Chalong (Wat Chaiyatharam)

An old temple that combines the power of the faith of the Phuket people. There is an important history of Luang Pho Cham at Wat Chalong, a monk who is an expert in meditation. Study various magic spells and traditional medicine. When the triad rebellion occurred, he gave Prachiad cloth to those who went out to fight until they were victorious. Reverend Father Chaem was also given the honorary title from King Chulalongkorn. To be Phrakhru Wisutwongsajarn Yanmunee, position of Sangha Pamok, Phuket City As for the various sacred objects of Luang Pho Cham, they are believed to be sacred in terms of mercy, great popularity, inoffensive, safety, and good fortune.